Create Your Own Album: It has begun!



Hey guys. After months of planning we have finally launched the campaign and the My Inspiration videos.  I’m so chuffed how enthusiastic everyone has been and I’m quite excited to see how you all will respond to the Create Your Own Album (CYOA) videos, which will be released every Monday for the next three weeks.

It has been a relatively long journey getting to this point, although I would never have got this far without my support system:  Brett Gieseke, Karla Mülder and Kevin Meiring. I am so thankful for your guy’s attention to detail and time dedicated to this project.  I guess something of this magnitude simply takes a large amount of man-power.

Anything worth achieving in life is tough to accomplish.  It’s going to require sacrifice upon sacrifice.  Working when your mates are out jolling.  Investing your money when you’d rather go travelling.  Watching your expenses.  Picking yourself up time and time again after rejection or failure.  Working when you’d rather be watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones!

It’s important to have a driving force.  It’s easy to work hard at work.  The driving force is clear (deadlines), there are consequences for not consistently meeting your deadlines (you could lose your job) and there are rewards for going the extra mile (promotion).  For side projects, for entrepreneurs, this driving force is not as apparent.  You have to decide what’s going to be your driving force and be accountable to yourself to meet those goals and deadlines you set.

My driving force is 100% to connect with you guys, both personally and through my music.  I want to create music that you will love listening to, while also creating an atmosphere of creativity, involvement and interaction through the CYOA process!

I am so excited for this project to actually kick off and to start this journey together.

Stay tuned for some more crazey antics!

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Intro (2/2): This is Do or Die

Blog 2 imageHey friends!  Welcome back!

This is my back-story, continued…  (Refer to part 1 here)

So when it came to the big decision, not really knowing quite what I should do as a career, I enrolled at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in the field of Accounting.  A good, safe option!

I still kept my passion for music, but by nature or design I had a really difficult time finishing any of my own projects.

Some classic examples?  Well, of all the bands I was in, only one ever had a name.  Also none of my bands ever played live.  We’re talking 5 or 6 bands here!

We would jam on the spot, come up with something cool, and spend the next 4-5 months playing the saaame 3 songs ooover and ooover.  I even bought some audio recording equipment to start laying some of these tracks down.  Well, they either never got finished or were never completed to a good enough state where I was happy enough to play it for others.

Ok, woah, hang on!  We did have fun.  But still my motivation plummeted when I realised I had nothing to show for it!

I completed my studies, went off to work and got involved in work life.  If anyone has been in the audit industry you would know that it requires loooooooooong hours (that’s like slang for reaaally long).  I absolutely loved the experience though and made some truly awesome friends in the process.

But I still considered myself somehow different to others – a feeling of belonging but not truly being at home.  The music had taken a massive backseat but the dream was still there.  Ever kicking. Patiently waiting.

In 2013 I was given the opportunity to work abroad on an awesome little island called Guernsey, located in the Channel Islands, the exact location where I’m blogging from right now.  At first work life continued as usual.  And then, in July 2013, almost 8 years after starting my accounting adventure, I received an email from a great online music careers coach and bang!  I was stirred to action!

I’d been avoiding his emails for years… but not this time.  This was do or die.  Now or never.  I joined the course and began taking responsibility for my music career success.

12 years ago, when a young boy picked up that guitar and played his first chord he had a dream.  That dream has finally arrived, and I couldn’t be happier!  🙂

(please check out my first release below, and let me know how you like it!)


Sean David is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  He now lives in Guernsey, UK and has been working on some videos and other cool stuff for you to check out

Intro (1/2): And the Dreams Just Don’t Stop!

Face painting EXTREME!

Hey guys!  This is my back-story, neatly pressed into just 2 pages!

Here we gooo!…

So I’ve always had a keen interest in the arts.  I just love being creative!  I remember my childhood days where family get-togethers involved me and my brother taking pencil and paper to our aunt and uncle’s houses.  Armed with a hardcopy book to press on (usually an Asterix digest) we were more than content to doodle away while the rest of the family chatted.

One of my more serious projects involved drawing the concept artwork for a third-person video game that I was set to release, complete with 15-20 pretty interesting characters.  I was about 14 years old at the time, and had big dreams.  And the dreams just didn’t stop…

This was about the age I first picked up the guitar, and roughly the same time my brother had.  We’d always shared key interests with each other and this was no different.  Mom taught us the ropes, having played guitar for a number of years herself, and pretty soon we were off to the races! We began playing from tabs on the net, guitar magazines, and of course at church, where the idea to start playing first entered our minds.

It was not until I started to sing that the passion for music really bit me.  My first memories of singing, were of course at church, singing back-up for one of the worship leaders.  All of a sudden my voice was booming over the PA system and hey, I could hold a tune! I played at camps, youth events and even progressed to worship leader duties.  It felt great that I could lead a congregation in song and of course it was a huge privilege to be serving the church in a way that seemed so natural to me.

Then those artists like Hillsong United and Mercy Me started coming through and we were like “maann, we have to play those songs!”.  They sounded so great that I just wanted to start singing them at each service.  And so we did.  Some were good.  Others were shockingly bad.  After a few failed attempts literally squeaking at the high notes, I realised that I still had a looooong long way to go as a singer! 🙂

… to be continued


Sean David is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

He now lives in Guernsey, UK and has been working on some videos and other cool stuff for you to check out!  It’s all here:


And We Have Lift-off!

Hey guys!  So all the webpage and social media stuff went live today, 5 May 2014.  A day I will remember for a very long time.  My dream come true!

Thank you for all the love and support you guys have shown so far.  It’s great to hear that you guys are enjoying the content!

And don’t you just love the website?  An incredible job done by Brett Gieseke!  Can’t thank you enough big bro!


LOTS going on today, so I’ll leave it at that.  Stay tuned for some more exciting content in the next few weeks! 🙂


Sean David is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

He now lives in Guernsey, UK and has been working on some videos and other cool stuff for you to check out!  It’s all here.


A Window into My World

Hey guys!  Welcome to my blog!

I have been dreaming about this for years and finally we are here.  There’s such a stupid grin on my face right now…  🙂

In just 1 day we will be launching the first batch of music and video content and I am this excited (arms outstretttchhed)!

I am so blessed to be living in the digital age because it means I can connect with all of you with just a simple upload.  It’s actually mind-blowing how easy it has become.

So this is a window into my world.  There will be a ton of stuff released on my website, youtube and other social media, but the real MEAT will be here.  I have one of the most unusual background‘s as a muso (musician slang) and I’ll be sharing my backstory, thoughts, opinions and experiences right here.  I’ll also be giving some further background information on the create your own album project which will be launched in June.

I am looking forward to hearing what you guys think so please write me a scribble in the comments and don’t forget to check out my site on launch day!

Pretty sweet!  Stay tuned.


Sean David is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  He now lives in Guernsey, UK and has been working on some videos and other cool stuff for you to check out.  It’s all goes live this May!