Jamming in the Park!

Playing in the park

Hey guys! 🙂

So I haven’t posted for a while! Due in no small amount to the Create Your Own Album project and the emphasis placed on social media to effectively market the campaign. I am happy to say that we had 79 guys/girls voting! Whoop! Thanks to all of you!

So the voters’ final decision should serve as a good indicator of which songs people like and identify with the most. It helps me focus on only the songs that matter and produce a high quality album that you will all enjoy. More to come on this in future, but for now I have some serious songwriting to do! (to be continued).

Talking about songwriting, I had an interview with BBC Radio Guernsey a couple weeks back which set the fire under my ass to get a few new songs out. I managed to write a new song for the show and introduce another song that had been graciously written for me by Torsten Borg of Skylight Parade. I promised a couple bonus tracks for the album and this may just be the two that make the cut!

Fast forward to today, the sun was shining on a beautiful Guernsey summer day and I decided to take my guitar out and bang out some tunes in the sun + get it all on film! So I have recorded the above songs, Greatest Distraction + two covers which I will release on youtube over the next few weeks! Go have a look at my channel and subscribe to ensure you get notified when they’re up! 🙂

Stay tuned!

Sean David is a self-established singer/songwriter, music journalist and entrepreneur. See what new projects Sean is currently busy with at his website! www.seandavidmusic.com



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