Some lyrics + another splatter of words from my mouth

Hey everyone!  Well I booked two and a half week’s leave to work on the producer parties and make Create Your Own Album as best as it can be, and I’m already one week down!

The first week has absolutely flown by and the first of 2 producer parties will take place tomorrow evening. Everything is set in place and 20+ close friends are mine will pop around for an early listening sesh and an all-round good time. I literally can’t wait! 🙂

In other news, all the CD’s sent to HMV last week (Satellite Symphony) have been eaten up and there’s been further distribution from the other guys on the project who are situated all over the world – Global domination! (Whoop whooop!) Checkout the Youtube Teaser.

Soon there will be 5,000 of these guys (CD’s) floating around, and there’s talk of getting another 5,000!

It was an amazing privilege working together with this team!


On to Create Your Own Album and a sneak peek at some more song titles and lyrics:



She’s seen a lot my Annie, its written all on her face – no sister or a friend who can take her out of this place. It’s moving time she’s moved five times, since February; and she can’t lay low, she’s getting close to where I started.

Backroom Allies

Tried to let the strings take hold, every time we come close you fold.. making me wait so long. I wanna know what it’s gonna look like, what its gonna look like…

Don’t go Google me now

‘Cos you can’t leave me in the know; no I won’t forget as long as we’re together (but she said) baby please don’t go Google me now, you won’t like what you find, I said no – I promise baby that I’ve changed…

First World Problems

Parking on a hill – it’s a struggle, yeah it’s a crime. Break a sweat when you can’t get air-conditioning now – You got first world problems, first world problems…


And that’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned 😉

Sean David is a singer/songwriter who has begun an exciting new venture to launch his career, titled Create Your Own Album. Learn more about it here.


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