Partying it up, making memories with friends!

Hey there! It’s been a while!

May has come and gone and all of the following has been realeased: 3 videos around the Prime Circle My Inspiration music video, 3 videos explaining the Create Your Own Album project and for my mail subscribers I’ve given access to some extra commentary as well as my first full single “Greatest Distraction”. Phew! It’s been a crazy first month!

Most of all, I’m super eager to hear what you think about the project. I hope you will all get stuck in when the time comes – it’s going to be real easy and good fun.

The sad part is, the project will only be open in early July (date to follow). Although the reason it’s being pushed out is simply to make space to host some exclusive producer parties! Yep! So it’s really GOOD news 🙂

So what are these producer parties? Well, they’re exclusive parties – an evening of music and entertainment for you and your friends. The theme of the evening is Create Your Own Album of course and you guys will be voting your favourite from twenty 30 second tracks along with your friends using our signature happy/sad paddles we’ve designed specifically for this event.

Our Happy/Sad paddles!

The event will feature extra seconds on most tracks and we’ll have a bunch of fun answering the following questions: Who is “Annie”? What is a “Background Ally” and what are the chances of impressing a lady when “she’s a perfect 10, but he’s only a 5”!?

You will all get kitted out in your face paint and finish the evening off with a personal skype session with me! I can’t wait to see all your faces, I haven’t seen you all in ages!! And of course I’m so keen to meet all your friends 🙂


So, by hosting a producer’s party you get:

–          20 Happy/sad paddles

–          Face paint!

–          Be the first to hear the tracks for the album

–          Extra length audio clips + other information about the songs

–          Skype session

–          An excuse to get together with your favourite people!


Sounds like something you and your friends would enjoy? Send us a mail at and we’ll get back to you with the relevant details.

Awesome! Last but not least, I want to thank these very special people for supporting me during the past month:

May 2014 Super-fans (on facebook):

Most Likes: Dudley Russom

Most Comments: Tanya Scholtz

Most Shares: Brett Gieseke

Best combination of all the above and overall fan of the month: Simon Schnettler.

Simon will be receiving a Sean David branded slouch beanie for his efforts! Thanks Si 🙂

‘Til next time, stay tuned!

Sean David is a singer/songwriter and youtube vlogger. He’s got some exciting stuff up his sleeve – subscribe now to never miss a wink!


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