Create Your Own Album: It has begun!



Hey guys. After months of planning we have finally launched the campaign and the My Inspiration videos.  I’m so chuffed how enthusiastic everyone has been and I’m quite excited to see how you all will respond to the Create Your Own Album (CYOA) videos, which will be released every Monday for the next three weeks.

It has been a relatively long journey getting to this point, although I would never have got this far without my support system:  Brett Gieseke, Karla Mülder and Kevin Meiring. I am so thankful for your guy’s attention to detail and time dedicated to this project.  I guess something of this magnitude simply takes a large amount of man-power.

Anything worth achieving in life is tough to accomplish.  It’s going to require sacrifice upon sacrifice.  Working when your mates are out jolling.  Investing your money when you’d rather go travelling.  Watching your expenses.  Picking yourself up time and time again after rejection or failure.  Working when you’d rather be watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones!

It’s important to have a driving force.  It’s easy to work hard at work.  The driving force is clear (deadlines), there are consequences for not consistently meeting your deadlines (you could lose your job) and there are rewards for going the extra mile (promotion).  For side projects, for entrepreneurs, this driving force is not as apparent.  You have to decide what’s going to be your driving force and be accountable to yourself to meet those goals and deadlines you set.

My driving force is 100% to connect with you guys, both personally and through my music.  I want to create music that you will love listening to, while also creating an atmosphere of creativity, involvement and interaction through the CYOA process!

I am so excited for this project to actually kick off and to start this journey together.

Stay tuned for some more crazey antics!

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