A Window into My World

Hey guys!  Welcome to my blog!

I have been dreaming about this for years and finally we are here.  There’s such a stupid grin on my face right now…  🙂

In just 1 day we will be launching the first batch of music and video content and I am this excited (arms outstretttchhed)!

I am so blessed to be living in the digital age because it means I can connect with all of you with just a simple upload.  It’s actually mind-blowing how easy it has become.

So this is a window into my world.  There will be a ton of stuff released on my website, youtube and other social media, but the real MEAT will be here.  I have one of the most unusual background‘s as a muso (musician slang) and I’ll be sharing my backstory, thoughts, opinions and experiences right here.  I’ll also be giving some further background information on the create your own album project which will be launched in June.

I am looking forward to hearing what you guys think so please write me a scribble in the comments and don’t forget to check out my site on launch day!

Pretty sweet!  Stay tuned.


Sean David is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  He now lives in Guernsey, UK and has been working on some videos and other cool stuff for you to check out.  It’s all goes live this May!


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