It’s been too long, so here’s a new song…

Hey guys, I’ve written a new song. This one is called Written In The Stars, and unless I get a ton of hate mail or people burn down my house in a fit of rage because of the song, it will probably be included as a bonus track on the album.  I jest, it’s going on the album regardless! 🙂

Hope you enjoy it –

Sean David 🙂


Jamming in the Park!

Playing in the park

Hey guys! 🙂

So I haven’t posted for a while! Due in no small amount to the Create Your Own Album project and the emphasis placed on social media to effectively market the campaign. I am happy to say that we had 79 guys/girls voting! Whoop! Thanks to all of you!

So the voters’ final decision should serve as a good indicator of which songs people like and identify with the most. It helps me focus on only the songs that matter and produce a high quality album that you will all enjoy. More to come on this in future, but for now I have some serious songwriting to do! (to be continued).

Talking about songwriting, I had an interview with BBC Radio Guernsey a couple weeks back which set the fire under my ass to get a few new songs out. I managed to write a new song for the show and introduce another song that had been graciously written for me by Torsten Borg of Skylight Parade. I promised a couple bonus tracks for the album and this may just be the two that make the cut!

Fast forward to today, the sun was shining on a beautiful Guernsey summer day and I decided to take my guitar out and bang out some tunes in the sun + get it all on film! So I have recorded the above songs, Greatest Distraction + two covers which I will release on youtube over the next few weeks! Go have a look at my channel and subscribe to ensure you get notified when they’re up! 🙂

Stay tuned!

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Get your vote in!

It’s here! It’s finally here! 23 original tracks:- vote your favourite and send us a photo!

Better yet throw in some lyrics – if they get used on the album we will send you a royalty check covering each sale made during the first year of distribution!

Sound alright? It is! Go do it! Just click the hat!

Sean David is a singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa now residing in Guernsey. His latest project, Create Your Own Album is live effective today 8 July 2014 – be sure to get your vote in!


Create Your Own Album lyrics Part #3

Create Your Own Album is almost upon us 🙂 : The platform where you can vote, add your photo and try your hand at some lyrics + earn some royalties!

Our first producer party went down really really well! Thanks again to all the guys that attended – you made it special! We ended the evening with setting fire to our self-limiting beliefs overlooking a picturesque Guernsey panaroma. Just great! (Video to follow soon… ).

Holding hat

Right, in keeping with tradition here are some more song lyrics I’ve been playing around with – hopefully this will get those creative juices flowing for the big day!

Floating away

I will survive ’til the end of the song in your eyes; but she’s floating away, out of reach that’s where she’s gonna stay – she’s floating away…

Goodbye or Goodnight

It might not be too long before the rain comes, he stands and watches as she walks inside.. a perfect 10 she’s gold to him but he’s a 5.. Fate plays its cards and throws him a line, she sends him a smile…

Who you are

Big hair, lip gloss, eye-liner, new hair, new shoes, showstopper.. everyone is looking at you but who you are, they don’t have a clue;

Open Door

He wants more there’s an open door, its just around the corner. Sits and dreams about many things, there’s so much to discover… but he’s half-way to another day and he’s just looking older…

Sean David is a singer/songwriter from Port Elizabeth, South Africa – now residing in the Channel Islands. His latest project “Create Your Own Album” is to be released SOOON.. more info here.

Some lyrics + another splatter of words from my mouth

Hey everyone!  Well I booked two and a half week’s leave to work on the producer parties and make Create Your Own Album as best as it can be, and I’m already one week down!

The first week has absolutely flown by and the first of 2 producer parties will take place tomorrow evening. Everything is set in place and 20+ close friends are mine will pop around for an early listening sesh and an all-round good time. I literally can’t wait! 🙂

In other news, all the CD’s sent to HMV last week (Satellite Symphony) have been eaten up and there’s been further distribution from the other guys on the project who are situated all over the world – Global domination! (Whoop whooop!) Checkout the Youtube Teaser.

Soon there will be 5,000 of these guys (CD’s) floating around, and there’s talk of getting another 5,000!

It was an amazing privilege working together with this team!


On to Create Your Own Album and a sneak peek at some more song titles and lyrics:



She’s seen a lot my Annie, its written all on her face – no sister or a friend who can take her out of this place. It’s moving time she’s moved five times, since February; and she can’t lay low, she’s getting close to where I started.

Backroom Allies

Tried to let the strings take hold, every time we come close you fold.. making me wait so long. I wanna know what it’s gonna look like, what its gonna look like…

Don’t go Google me now

‘Cos you can’t leave me in the know; no I won’t forget as long as we’re together (but she said) baby please don’t go Google me now, you won’t like what you find, I said no – I promise baby that I’ve changed…

First World Problems

Parking on a hill – it’s a struggle, yeah it’s a crime. Break a sweat when you can’t get air-conditioning now – You got first world problems, first world problems…


And that’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned 😉

Sean David is a singer/songwriter who has begun an exciting new venture to launch his career, titled Create Your Own Album. Learn more about it here.

The songs are ready!

Hey guys! It’s been a crazy week – on Monday we officially released Satellite Symphony vol. 1, a multi-genre compilation CD feature 12 international artists, including moi! Yes, super exciting and something we’ve put a tonne of time into since Dec 2013. Best yet, its free for all of you to enjoy! There’s more to chat about, but before I get carried away, if you’d like a copy just sign up for my newsletter here. No spam! You may find there’s some other stuff waiting for you too… 😉

Satellite Symphony World Map!

Satellite Symphony World Map!

So on to other news – I’ve just finished writing and recording the clips which will be used on the Create Your Own Album campaign! All 23 of them! These 23 are going to be scaled down to 20 during the producer parties (28th June in Guernsey, 5th July in Port Elizabeth) and then…

(‘and then and thenn AND THENNN’)*

…we go live and all you lovely people get a chance to vote! I’m seriously interested to see what you’ll decide and what cool lyrics you might be able to add to the mix! Great news is that the page will be mobile-compliant so voting is going to be super-easy!

*quote from “Dude, where’s my car?”

Okay, enough about the project already! Here are some of the lyrics that I have strung together for the songs so far, as well as a few working song-titles:

Could it be (exerpt)

What can I do, for you to see me? Am I enough as I am, or do I need to change? ‘Cos I saw you from a distance, but you don’t have eyes for me… am I wrong? Could it be that you long for me, as I long for you? Could I ask for you to stay or is that selfish?…

Rocketman (excerpt)

Get back to the city-living, one dollar fights and doing their bidding; nobody’s gonna think for you too. Run along back to safe, I’m not the one to hesitate, running forward, moving up – I’m gonna be a rocketman…

Time will never tell/Don’t wake me up (excerpt)

Don’t wake me up from this dream, don’t let it be a fantasy, I just only want to be here lying with you.  The world can wait another day, ‘cos here with you I wanna stay, nothing could pull me away – time will never tell me when to go…

One more? oh, alright!

Tomorrow’s history (excerpt)

Feel the fire right down to the left toe, feel it burn so-oh-oh; as it creeps up be sure to catch him, there’s nothing stopping him today! Woohoohoo today’s the time, tomorrow’s history. Woohoohoo today I’ve won, tomorrow’s long gone…


Check back next week for more lyrics! 🙂

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Partying it up, making memories with friends!

Hey there! It’s been a while!

May has come and gone and all of the following has been realeased: 3 videos around the Prime Circle My Inspiration music video, 3 videos explaining the Create Your Own Album project and for my mail subscribers I’ve given access to some extra commentary as well as my first full single “Greatest Distraction”. Phew! It’s been a crazy first month!

Most of all, I’m super eager to hear what you think about the project. I hope you will all get stuck in when the time comes – it’s going to be real easy and good fun.

The sad part is, the project will only be open in early July (date to follow). Although the reason it’s being pushed out is simply to make space to host some exclusive producer parties! Yep! So it’s really GOOD news 🙂

So what are these producer parties? Well, they’re exclusive parties – an evening of music and entertainment for you and your friends. The theme of the evening is Create Your Own Album of course and you guys will be voting your favourite from twenty 30 second tracks along with your friends using our signature happy/sad paddles we’ve designed specifically for this event.

Our Happy/Sad paddles!

The event will feature extra seconds on most tracks and we’ll have a bunch of fun answering the following questions: Who is “Annie”? What is a “Background Ally” and what are the chances of impressing a lady when “she’s a perfect 10, but he’s only a 5”!?

You will all get kitted out in your face paint and finish the evening off with a personal skype session with me! I can’t wait to see all your faces, I haven’t seen you all in ages!! And of course I’m so keen to meet all your friends 🙂


So, by hosting a producer’s party you get:

–          20 Happy/sad paddles

–          Face paint!

–          Be the first to hear the tracks for the album

–          Extra length audio clips + other information about the songs

–          Skype session

–          An excuse to get together with your favourite people!


Sounds like something you and your friends would enjoy? Send us a mail at and we’ll get back to you with the relevant details.

Awesome! Last but not least, I want to thank these very special people for supporting me during the past month:

May 2014 Super-fans (on facebook):

Most Likes: Dudley Russom

Most Comments: Tanya Scholtz

Most Shares: Brett Gieseke

Best combination of all the above and overall fan of the month: Simon Schnettler.

Simon will be receiving a Sean David branded slouch beanie for his efforts! Thanks Si 🙂

‘Til next time, stay tuned!

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